" Dom Mummy " --- 3.0 VR Model

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Dommy Mummy, 3.0 VR Model

- compatible with FBT, tested in the video.

- toggleable body straps, bottoms, crown, gold accessories, face bandage, shoes, tendrils, top bandages, web, wrist bandages.

- whip that sits on hip & can also be toggled into her hand.

- eye glow particle as well as sand particles around feet.

- hue shift for eyes / skin.

- blindfold shapekey for eye bandage & animation to flash.

- glow in the dark web emissions on bandages.


body: pandaabear#9873 ( https://pandaabear.gumroad.com/ )

head: sugs#9795 ( https://zinpia.gumroad.com/ )

hair texture: wetcat#6969 ( https://wetcat.gumroad.com/ )

particles: kenney.nl

icons: awmi#6003 ( https://bunamour.gumroad.com/)

everything else: ( hair, crown, bandages, accessories, shoes, tendrils, web, whip, textures, etc. ) made by me, illume#2788.

you must have purchased dynamic bones off the unity asset store for this avatar to work properly.

using unity 2019 30f1, import vrcsdk 3.0 > dynamic bones > poiyomi 7.2.40+ > package.

do not purchase this avatar without knowledge on how to upload it, there's a faq in my server.


purchasing this product means you adhere to the following:

 > do not resell, give out, upload publicly or take parts off of this model without having bought the proper licenses first.

 > anyone in possession of this package needs to have bought it off gumroad or through dms with myself.

 > do not resuse any parts without buying the proper license first.

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20 ratings
  • unity package containing fbx, materials, textures.

  • unity package containing fbx, materials, textures.


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" Dom Mummy " --- 3.0 VR Model

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